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youtube channels that i rlly like

sinjin drowning, i geniunely rlly like the early 2010s type of their humor and theyre dumb jokes. made by weston and kalynn koury (siblings) theyre both 19 and they grew up on disney and cartoon network shows from 2010 so a lot of theyre jokes are refrences to them. theyre pretty chill, post minecraft and early youtube type vlogs almost everyday so u never run out of content. their videos are comforts and i usually keep them on in the background while draw. they are also a massive hyperfixation for me rn

big joel, he has a lot of interesting thoughts and opinions. when i see a new video by him i click it intantly heh. he makes video essays on whatever he wants, usually spanning from 15-30 mins, and i always love hearing what he has to say. (on that note i also love philosophy tube, she is the reason i got into philosphy and i'm an og subscriber and contrapoints, she is defo more mainstream so u probably already know her anyway)

nexpo, his videos are high quality, he makes video essays on "internet mysteries and dark media". honestly i'm just inlove with the aesthetic and quality. he also introduced me to local58 back in 2019 which was fun :)

specific youtube videos that i rlly like

tools and resources

emma essex's music resources
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bitcoin whitepaper

free witchcraft books googledrive
lapfox radio
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