playing: ima ni yukimasu by goreshit

reading: nothing
watching: how to sell drugs online (s3)
playing: hooked on minecraft (again)
listening: sex sells by lovejoy, washing machine heart by m

hi, hello ! u can call me parox, demo, puppy, ect. i see u hav stumbled across my corner of the internet and 2 that i say welcome <3 !
click the buttons at the top of the page 2 go places, i hope u enjoy ur stay ^__^ ! (this website will forever be a wip !)

just about
[recent updates log]

havent been here in a while ^_^; i've been fixing mistakes and working on character pages :]!
wow ! this place got a makeover !!!
just about finished my very own guide to the dark web and changed thoughts to a words directory since im planning on writing more things like my dark web guide :)
wow i forgot i have a recent updates log.. anyway over the past 2 months i've added a poems page, actually made my first entry on my thoughts page, an art archive, started on some character pages (kat and crash which are still very unfinished
added a guest book (in links) plz sign it it looks so sad and lonely x(
did sum work on the thoughtz page, tweaked a couple things too! im gonna update a lot more regularly since exams are over :D !
started thoughtz page omg (still unfinished) lowkey fucked up the top margins but i swear i'll fix it haha
did some work on about page (still unfinished), fixed navigation, updated currently :)
restarted website, made a landing page, currently doing about page and fixing navigation. ty all 4 +2k views <3

if u use my site button tell me in my guest book :3