i dont have exact dates for when they were written but these are poems that i wrote back in 2019, i would put earlier ones here but i think they're a lot more personal. they are full of teenage angst but i still love them heh, hope you like them too
//cw: these may express themes of body horror and violence but that does not mean i condone it, its a form of expression


the idea of you completes me,
our souls can never seperate
even to know the existance of thee
makes me ponder our fate
how long can we keep this up
before this starts going downhill?

is this my punishment?
left outside known reality
looking upon your reality
my eyes
oh so many
will never blink
hold my hand
kiss my neck
tear my teeth out with your bare hands
hurt me
hurt me
i'll know everything you have to offer
and if i'll still love you
why would i still love you?
my head hurts
me and my murderous desires
you just make me feel so alive
i can feel you're heatbeat
bang bang
soon i'll feel mine too
wait for me there

thinking about how death will rebirth all things right and holy
or something poetic like that
you used to love poems