mercury is the closest planet to the sun. it is also one of the smallest planets in the solar system. it was named after mercury, the swift-footed roman messenger god.


  • yellow, purple
  • gemini, virgo
  • air
  • wednesday
  • east
  • throat chakra
  • angel raphael
  • mercury/quicksilver
  • language, healing, communication, learning, clarity, wings, infinity
  • the magician, the hermit, the lovers

  • [a picture shot by nasa of mercury in front of the sun]

    [mercury's orbit]

    [the magician and the lovers tarot card]


    hermes is the greek god of trade, sleep, wit, travel, trade, language and is the greek equivalent to the roman god mercury. he has the ability to move quickly, with help from winged sandals and between the planes of the living and the divine. for this reason he was a psychopomp (a conductor of souls into the afterlife) and was the messenger of the gods

    angel raphael

    angel raphael in the bible, is one of the 7 archangels and is the angel of healing. it is also an archangel in judaism and in islam, raphael is the fourth major angel instead known as israfil
    tbh i havent seen many rescorces associating raphael with mercury because of anything other than healing but i feel like theres something more. i dont really know how to explain why but when i find the words i'll put them here :)


    agate, citrine, aventurine, alexendrite, oynx, flourite

    herbs + incense

    lemongrass, lavender, (pepper)mint, juniper, carrot, magic mushroom, parsley