vinyl scratch, my beloved

yes, i occasionaly attempt to make music :)

i dont tend to my link my soundcloud on anything but here it is !

now that i think abt i dont think i've ever linked anything to my soundcloud. so if ur reading this ur special :)
its very embarassing since i only really got into electronic music 2 years ago, breakcore and drum n bass specificially only last year too. i started producing at the start of this year, late jan im pretty sure. i started in openmpt and then dabbled in the demo of fl studio. now i have the full version and its so freeing to be able to save stuff and come back to it whenever i want,,

anyway, i'm probably planning on using the page to share private tracks (shshh) and talk about a track i've posted. im definetly a lot more used to the neocities community than soundcloud's so its much easier to speak my mind ^^

last updated: 18/04/21

my most recent track:

major samples: rihanna, james joint

genre: dancecore, breakcore, edm, rave
alias: crash (feat. ritz)
notes: i love the idea for this track but have since seen so heard so many mistakes in it. i cant wait to be good at producing so i can go back and recreate/tweak it !

an older track but still a favourite :)

major samples: serial experiments lain
genre: drum n bass, idm, breakcore
alias: ritz
notes: very simplistic and chill. im pretty proud of it because of how much of a vibe it is. i made it once i was half way through SEL. the scene with arisu checking up on lain on the rooftop rlly hit home so sampling it felt very personal and comforting

that one stephen hawking bbc interview
ritz - AI versus, 90'54'343434
genre: drum n bass, breakcore
alias: ritz
notes: is no one talking abt how stephen hawking straight up said ai will be the death of humanity orr