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im very bad at sticking to projects, im hoping that this game wont follow that pattern. i will spend atleast 3 hours a week on the game annd will set goals for myself and hold myself accountable if i dont reach them. this may sound harsh but trust me its necassary for me :)

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what aspects to plan

  • general plot
  • general list of game features
  • mood board
  • basic placeholder art
  • world building

act 1, scene 1

nikki. the player plays as nikki. she is 15, timid and tends to keep to herself. the scene opens with text.
yesterday, a girl in the year above you asked to meet with you after school.
something about her seemed.. off..
you prepare yourself and start to make your way to where she should be

in the right hand corner it shows your main task. "find her"

youre just walking through a park, its a very straight forward path. soon you find a girl. she faces you and starts speaking.

"i didnt think you would come, so i guess i wasnt really expecting this... anyway... i... needed something from you. i hope theres no hard feelings. i've watched you in school, walk to your classes... walk home. i know how lovely you are. how sweet you are when you talk to people. so please understand when i say i dont want to do this. i-"
(or something along those lines)

cutseen/movie: you see the girl. she reaches into her boot. nikki sees a glint of silver. nikki gasps and reaches into her coat pocket, pulling out a knife behind her back.

a battle scene begins !!! its very hard to fail and its mainly a tutorial for the player to get the mechanics if they dont already. you win (not like you cant) and by win i mean nikki murders her-

probably another cutscene: welp stab stab stab. things get very real when you see the girl's body in detail. probably around 3 stabs in her chest and a deep gash in her collar bone. it stays on this image for an uncomfortably long amount of time. scene ends, you are rewarded with an id card, a butterfly knife, used journal and a cute sanrio keyring! (wow!) these were clearly all from the dead body (yikes)